Orthodontist Orange County, CA | October 2018
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October 2018

A Tale of Two Eagles

The story behind Zachary Orthodontics is pretty special.  It is a story that begins in 1983 at Chaminade High School’s career night in West Hills, and was highlighted in the high school’s recent alumni publication, “Chaminade Now.”  Dr. Harry White graduated from Chaminade High School in 1967, the year Dr. Zachary was born.  He was a practicing orthodontist in Laguna Niguel, and came back to give a career night presentation.  At age 16, Chris Zachary met Dr. Harry White during this presentation, and made a connection that would last and blossom into a partnership nearly fifteen years later.

Dr. Zachary reached out to Dr. White as a Sophomore at UCI, which led to a summer internship, allowing Dr. Zachary to witness procedures and observe Dr. White’s bedside manner.  The internship offered Dr. Zachary a behind-the-scenes look at orthodontics,  and cemented his decision to pursue that career path.   The experience launched a lasting connection through the years while Dr. Zachary worked his way through college (at UCI,) dental school (USC,) and Orthodontics (NYU.)  After completing his residency at NYU, Dr. Zachary moved back to California (now with a wife  and children,)  and began working with Dr. White in his practice in Laguna Niguel.  Their partnership was so successful, that the practice tripled during the time the two practiced together from 1998 to 2005.  Together, they created a patient-centric, positive practice that focused on personal touches.  In 2005, Dr. White began taking on fewer hours at the office in a transition toward retirement.  Dr. Zachary now enjoys giving his own career day presentations at many of the local schools, and truly takes to heart the impact that these presentations can have on young students considering career paths.  Dr. Zachary and Dr. White’s teamwork and professional support for one another illustrates the value of alumni support and community outreach.


Happy Office Anniversary to Carolyn!

Carolyn is celebrating her 16th office anniversary with us this October!  Her warmth and professionalism make her a wonderful new patient coordinator with our team.  Fun facts: Carolyn enjoys flower arranging, and she is an avid spin class enthusiast!


Halloween Candy Alert

Keep these guidelines in mind as you and your child sort through the Halloween candy.  Hard or sticky candy can break or bend your braces (beware of sticky candies like Starburst, Skittles, Tootsie Rolls, Airheads, Larry Taffy, Caramels, and Jolly Ranchers…) Better options would be (non-sticky) chocolate candy such as Hershey’s bars, M&M’s, Junior Mints, Kit Katz, Nestle’s Crunch, or Three Musketeers.


Happy Halloween!


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