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Health & Safety Protocol

Hi everybody.  First let me say…this is kinda crazy, right?  Like you, we’ve been following news about COVID-19.  In addition, I’ve been in active discussions with local and national orthodontic agencies. We are taking this issue extremely seriously and I am fully confident with our current protocols and I want to review them with you.  

  • We will continue to be open for our customary business hours.
  • As usual, we continue to follow the American Dental Universal sterilization techniques.  However, in addition, we are disinfecting all public surfaces (i.e. counter tops, pens, door handles, chair arms, and so on) every hour, on the hour and we log each “swabbing down the deck” as we call it.
  • We are instituting added team action items for a “touchless” experience for all patients.   
  • Parents, please try to limit bringing family members not in treatment when your child has an appointment with us.  With the recent school closures and being a parent myself, I am aware that is difficult to do, but just do your best.  We support you.  If it is easier, you can escort your child for their appointment to our lobby and wait in the car with your child’s siblings and once we complete the appointment, we will escort your child back to your car.  
  • Obviously, if any of your family members show signs of sickness, please call us and we will reschedule your appointment at your convenience.
  • All consultations will continue to be completed in our reserved secluded space.  

The health and safety of my team and all of our patients and families is front and center in my mind and actions.  I will continue to update you as needed.   I am available if anyone has questions related to their specific needs.  

Just remember, stay calm and wash your hands.

Dr. Zachary

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