Orthodontist Orange County, CA | August 2019
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August 2019

Birthdays & Anniversaries

This month brings a very happy birthday wish to Lisa! When Lisa isn’t busy scanning teeth and helping patients at our office, she enjoys playing pool, going to the beach and going for walks down at the harbor. You just might find her at her favorite restaurant, “The Wind and Sea.”

August also brings office anniversary celebrations for both Gloria and Theresa! Gloria has worked at our office for 8 years, and Theresa has been with us for 13 years. We are so grateful for the hard work of these two outstanding team members and their dedication to promoting patient care and positivity in our office!

Athletes and Dental Care

As we enter the season for fall sports, many of our patients are facing grueling workouts in the heat of August. This combination can be a tricky health hazard for your athlete’s dental health.

Most athletes have experienced the scenario: You are pushing yourself to train harder, and the coach is pushing you to keep going as well. You’re sweating, exhausted, and you have dry mouth. As we exercise, our bodies cool down using sweat, and the result is a reduction in saliva flow in the mouth. The problem is that drinks such as Gatorade or protein shakes, as well as protein bars often contain lots of hidden sugars. Coupled with dry mouth, these sugars are not properly washed away from the teeth. Specific bacteria in our mouths grow rampant in this environment, and give off an acid while consuming these extra sugars, and this acid is what can quickly damage our teeth.

What to do? Staying well hydrated as well as replacing important electrolytes are the goals. Consider looking for low sugar sports drinks like G2, and low sugar protein bars as well. Also incorporate water, or at least swishes of water after drinking/eating these replacement drinks or bars as well. It is a simple, but very important habit for the health of your teeth! If you have further questions, feel free to contact Dr. Zachary for guidance.

Now, get out there and do your personal best! We look forward to getting updates from all of our athletes! Good luck-GO TEAM!!

Wet Your Whistle!

Our Zachary Orthodontics lip balms have become a fan favorite! We have five fun flavors to choose from: Watermelon Twist, Vanilla, Tropical, Cherry, and Vanilla Mint. Feel free to pick one up at your next visit! They do have an SPF of 15, to help you protect and take care of those kissers!



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