Orthodontist Orange County, CA | What Sets Us Apart?
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What Sets Us Apart?

When choosing an orthodontist, you are not just choosing a provider, you are choosing someone who will have a significant impact on your (or your child’s) well-being. Your treatment time will last through many office visits, and you want an orthodontic team who will establish a positive and personal relationship with you, and deliver optimum results. You want an environment that is clean, efficient, caring and friendly. You want a doctor who has specialized training in the field, who communicates with you well and who you can trust. Here’s how our office meets those expectations:


  • Our staff is warm, friendly, and fun- we treat you like family!


  • Dr. Zachary sees every patient at every visit, and is available to answer any after hours questions or concerns.


  • We offer the most effective, state of the art technology and treatment options. This means faster results, and mort comfortable options. Options include Invisalign, Clear Correct, clear and metal mini-braces, activated retainer and recovery retention systems.


  • We offer convenient, in-house digital imaging, computer graphics, and scanning technology.


  • We offer late evening appointments, and flexible payment options to maximize your insurance and health account benefits.


  • We offer complementary electric toothbrushes and hygiene kits to all of our patients in full treatment.


  • Our office is clean and efficient. Our patients enjoy our garden/waterfall views.


  • Dr. Zachary is a certified specialist in Orthodontics, which requires up to an additional 3 years of training beyond a D.D.S. degree from an accredited orthodontic residency program.
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