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AcceleDent® can reduce your overall treatment time by 30-50%…

One of the biggest obstacles for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment is length of treatment time. Exciting news! A new technology adopted from the medical profession has been applied to orthodontics that decreases treatment time up to 50%. Better yet, the technology is safe and causes no pain. The appliance is called AcceleDent®. Dr. Zachary has used AcceleDent® with many of his patients with great success. Dr. Zachary will discuss with you whether you are a candidate for this revolutionary technique during your initial consultation.

AcceleDent™ advantages:

  • Wear only 20 minutes per day while in treatment
  • Safe (FDA approved)
  • Absolutely no pain or discomfort
  • Can decrease the time you wear braces or aligners 30-50% (even more in some cases)
  • You can add to your treatment at any point in time

CS3600 Scanner eliminates the need for the jello-like impressions of the past

Dr. Zachary and his team scan every patient who begins treatment instead of taking messy impressions. Utilizing the CS3600, a 3D image is generated of the patient’s teeth and bite in real time giving Dr. Zachary precise digital imaging for diagnosis and treatment planning. With the click of a button, Dr. Zachary can send an STL file to his lab to 3D print an exact replica of the patient’s teeth and in turn, fabricate a customized appliance. This ensures a remarkable quality, fit, and comfort level.

Heat activated orthodontic wires make your braces treatment extremely comfortable…

Orthodontic wires of the past were made of heavy gauge stainless steel, and were quite uncomfortable. They used excessive force, which actually slowed down tooth movement significantly. The Nickel Titanium wires we currently use provide a light and continuous pressure ensuring maximum tooth movement efficiency and maximum comfort for the patient.

Orthodontic digital imaging maximizes detail

Dr. Zachary firmly believes that proper diagnosis and treatment planning is essential to a predictable and beautiful smile. Digital x-ray imaging of the teeth and supportive bones is a vital piece of this process. Dr. Zachary relies on the latest in computerized imaging technology. He and his team use the Kodak 9000 Extraoral Imaging System to capture the nuances necessary to plan optimal treatment utilizing the lowest radiation possible.

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